Cannabis Transport Services

Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity

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Our mission is to build the most professional, reliable and consistent 3rd party Cannabis Courier Service in Colorado. We achieve this primarily through our Route Schedule, which is optimized to reach areas with the highest density of dispensaries at least twice every week. Our Route Schedule is also focused on reaching dispensaries on the days they will actually accept your orders, meaning your clients will always be pleased with the days we arrive to deliver your product. We also have the most steadfast and consistent SOPs for our drivers, and we excel at communication. We also offer a strict payment return policy, which means you will always receive your payments back within the promised time period, and will never be left wondering where a payment is. Our Goal is to establish best practices for deliveries and payment returns, as well as help your company to ensure all invoices have the proper payment method listed.


We can handle any level of demand, many of our larger clients send out over 40 orders a day.


Our entire fleet is equipped with GPS Tracking technology, which we can use to track driver and product locations down to the minute.

–Cash Handling

All of your cash payments are sealed in Tamper proof bags to ensure that what we collect from each dispensary is exactly what reaches your facility.


We provide our drivers with multiple contacts for our clients, in case of any invoice or manifest issues. These issues will be solved prior to completing delivery.

–The Team

We have an incredible team of Drivers, the majority of which have been with us since our inception. Training is consistent above all.



Our Story

In 2017, Cannabis Transport Services was created to revitalize professionalism within the Colorado Cannabis industry.  The leaders of this initiative sought to create an environment with clear and open communication, accountability, and integrity.  At Cannabis Transport Services, or CTS, we take pride in the clear and steady growth of our company since its inception.  CTS rapidly adjusted to working with larger clients and heavier demands, growing a fleet of both reliable vehicles, and competent and reliable employees.

We have always been proud of our employee’s work ethic, along with the opportunity to offer them generous benefits.  The passion that they possess allows CTS to have an important competitive advantage: To have a single, common goal.  Professionalism, Accountability, Integrity.

Since October of 2017, we have been fortunate enough to work with some of the largest manufacturers in the Colorado cannabis market.  Our fleet has set out to all four corners of Colorado since then.  Our dedicated team will continue to embark on long journeys to get your product delivered safely, efficiently, and in compliance with MED regulations.

Our ability to communicate effectively with both producers and dispensaries has made us the premier cannabis courier service in the state.  Communication both prevents concern and relieves it. 

There has been a rise in overall professionalism since the industry’s outset.  However; we at CTS plan to continuously sharpen that tool in our sector with outstanding employees, innovative payment policies, and effective communication.  We look forward to promoting the growth of many Colorado cannabis manufacturers in the future!